Twitter Tuesday- Jeremy Sieverts

3/26/13 11:23 AM

Twitter Tuesday- Jeremy Sieverts

Welcome to Twitter Tuesday! This week we feature the Twitter account of midfielder Jeremy Sieverts! Jeremy was named the MLL's Most Improved Player in 2012 and finished the season with 26 goals, including 7 2-pointers.


Jeremy Sieverts

#20, Midfield

Tweets: 389

Follows: 414

Followers: 112


Q: How did you come up with your Twitter handle?

A: Pretty simple combination of my given name.

Q: Why did you choose the photo you did for your profile picture?

A: My picture is of myself and good friend Tim Cassi at a friend's house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Just a great view that nicely complements a few goofy smiles.  

Q: How often do you check Twitter? How often do you Tweet?

A: I check Twitter a few times throughout the day.  I tweet maybe once a week but I have a tendency to tweet in spurts, so when it rains it pours.

Q: What hashtags do you frequently use?

A: I tend to stay away from using a lot of hashtags.

Q: What do you mainly use Twitter for?

A: I see it as a personalized source for news.  It's nice to stay current with news, people, and companies that I'm interested in - Baltimore Ravens/Orioles, lacrosse news, friends, teammates etc.

Q: How/do you use Twitter to promote your brand or businesses?

A: Last fall I signed with Brine Lacrosse (@BrineMensLax), so I promote their brand whenever I get equipment and apparel from them.  Also I try and tweet some pictures of appearances I make on their behalf like at Boise State University a few weeks ago, home of the Blue Turf.

Q: Which of your teammates has the best tweets and why?

A: Matt Bocklet always seems to be doing something interesting so I'll go with him.

Q: What are some of the MLL players you follow?

A: Current Teammates: Matt Bocklet (@Bocko7), Jesse Schwartzman (@Schwarty19), Brendan Mundorf (@BMuney2), former Maryland Teammates: Dan Groot (@HutGroot), Brett Schmidt (@Brettschmidt44) and Max Schmidt (@Mschmidty99)-no relation.

Q: Someone who you wouldn’t think I follow is:

A: Dillion Roy (@D_ROY91) because he hasn't tweeted since last year.  I don't know why I'm following him either.  

Q: Whose tweets can’t you miss?

A: @DenverOutlaws obviously.

Q: I wish ________________ was on Twitter because:

A: Tony Seaman, he's always the funniest guy in the room.

Q: Who do you wish followed you on Twitter?

A: The Pope (@Pontifex)

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