Twitter Tuesday- Jesse Schwartzman

2/19/13 1:00 AM

Twitter Tuesday- Jesse Schwartzman

Welcome to a new feature on Twitter Tuesday! What better way to get to know your Outlaws by taking a insider's look into their Twitter accounts! We'll ask the hard hitting questions you've always wanted to know about your favorite Oultaws Tweeters. If you have a question you'd like to know about an Outlaw's Twitter, tweet us @DenverOutlaws and we'll try to feature your question on the next Twitter Tuesday.


Jesse Schwartzman

#19, Goalie

Tweets: 1,513

Follows: 167

Followers: 1,471


Q: How did you come up with your Twitter handle?

A: Schwarty is a nickname ive had since high school and 19 is my number since @bmuney2 stole #2

Q: Why did you choose the photo you did for your profile picture?

A: Im a fun-loving happy guy and I love animals.  This has the best of both worlds, and it was taken before a show at Red Rocks, even better.

Q: How often do you check Twitter? How often do you Tweet?

A: I check twitter a few times a day. I tweet whenever that something special pops into my head, or I need to throw a jab at someone.

Q: What hashtags do you frequently use?

A: I use #letsride multiple times per week during the season along with the occasional #YUP. 

Q: What do you mainly use Twitter for?

A: I use twitter for news, entertainment, laughs, and giggles.  Its a great way to get the headlines without all the mush.

Q: How/do you use Twitter to promote your brand or businesses?

A: I dont really use twitter to promote, except for the Outlaws and some of my friends' businesses.  My line of work and twitter dont really go together too well. 

Q: Which of your teammates has the best tweets and why?

A: Chris (@CRockN10) and Matt Bocklet (@Bocko7) with their #COliving tweets and tweet pics, and assistant TO the gm Jon Cohen (@connan22), classic dry humor

Q: What are some of the MLL players you follow?

A: I follow a lot of my old teammates from Johns Hopkins and the phellow Phish Phans out there.

Q: Someone who you wouldn’t think I follow is:

A: Darren Rovell (@DarrenRovell).  He is a sports business reporter who mainly tweets food/beverage news as it pertains to sports and pro athlete endorsement news.

Q: Whose tweets can’t you miss?

A: As far as teammates, Eric Martin (@GoldenStateLax) really speaks his mind, outside the team I'd have to say Bill Raftery and Jay Bilas' (@JayBilas) classic I gotta go to work tweets.

Q: I wish ________________ was on Twitter because:

A: Outlaws General Manager Tony Seaman, would love to hear/see whats going on inside that guys head.

Q: Who do you wish followed you on Twitter?

A: Kate Upton, enough said!

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