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Director/Choreographer Brieanna Mercer

Director/Choreographer Brieanna Mercer

Brieanna was asked to join the English National Ballet School in London at the age of 16. She went on to dance professionally with the Boston Ballet and Colorado Ballet and completed all examinations in the CCA and RAD syllabus. Brieanna took first place in the West Coast competion for the Margot Fonteyn Awards and second in the Nation. She danced professionally as a Denver Broncos Cheerleader for four years and choreographed for numerous ballet and jazz competions. This is her fifth season as the Director/Choreographer for the Outlaws.

Todd Clark

Todd Clark

Assistant Director/Photographer

Todd has been the official photographer for the Denver Outlaws Dancers since 2007 and has been the Assistant Director since 2010. He has had the privilege of photographing many dance teams such as the DU's Dance team, the Colorado 14ers, the Jr. Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and has worked with many organizations and charities such as, Key to the Cure-Saks Fifth Avenue, University of Colorado Hospital, Denver Health Hospital, and the American Heart Association.

Kim L.

Kim L.


Years on the team? This is my second year.

Occupation?Full time student at CU boulder. 

Favorite thing about lacrosse?I used to play lacrosse, so I love everything about the sport. What I like most about men's lacrosse is how fast paced it is and how aggressive it can be. There is never a dull moment, so I'm always excited to see what is going to happen next.

Favorite thing to do in Denver? I love walking around Denver and checking out the shops on 16th street. My favorite restaurant is in Denver, so whenever I go to Nuggets, Broncos, and even Rockies games (when I'm not on the field for the Outlaws) I go get dessert at my favorite place to eat before the game.

Who is your role model and why? My role models are my parents. They have been by my side no matter what and are my strongest support system. They never cease to amaze me each and everyday. I honestly don't know where I would be without them. I love them so much.

What are your hobbies? My parents have a place in Steamboat, so I try to get up to the mountains as many times as possible. I love hiking, tubing down the Yampa, relaxing in the natural hot springs, and relaxing by the pool in the summers and snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and snuggling up by the fire in the winter. I try to stay as active as possible, so anything to get me out of the house is great with me.

One person you would like to have dinner with and why? Beyonce - I have a serious obsession with her. She is one of the best performers I have ever seen and she 

seems like a really down to earth person. I would one day love to dance for her in one of her shows and possible become one of her best friends. 

Brittany W.

Brittany W.

Hometown? Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Years on team? Rookie!

Occupation? Full time student at University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Integrative Physiology

Favorite thing about lacrosse? I love the fast paced and competitive aspects of lacrosse. I love watching lacrosse because each player has so much energy it makes the game exciting!

Favorite thing to do in Denver? I love going to sports games in Denver including Rockies, Nuggets, Broncos, Avalanche, and Outlaws! I love the Aquarium and shopping down 16th street mall!

Who is your role model and why? My mom is my role model because she in the most caring and kind person I have ever met. She puts other people’s needs in front of her own and I aspire to be like her. She has been there to share my happiest moments and has helped me through hard times. She truly is my best friend.

What are your hobbies? On nice summer days I love to go swimming, jet skiing, or hiking! In the winter I love to go snowboarding at Colorado’s amazing mountains. Most of all I like spending time with my family and friends.

One person you would like to have dinner with and why? I would love to have dinner with Chachi Gonzales. She is a talented and amazing Hip-hop dancer that conveys powerful emotions when she dances. I would love to chat with her about dance and learn more about her life. Who knows, we may even start dancing instead of eating dinner! 

Haley W.

Haley W.

Years on Team? Rookie! 

Occupation? Full-time student at CU Boulder, studying Nursing and Communication 

Favorite thing about lacrosse? My favorite thing about the sport is its excitement, it's fast-pace and the constant energy felt throughout the crowd. The players are talented, athletic and keep the fans on the edge of their seats! 

Favorite thing to do in Denver? I love to spend the day in the Mile High City walking up and down 16th street mall. There is so much to enjoy-shopping, people watching, festivals, and the vast delectable food selections. I always enjoy grabbing a bite to eat with friends at one of the many delicious restaurants before heading to a Denver sporting event! 

Who is your role model and why? My role models are my parents. I know that each one of them will protect and give me suggestive advice whenever I need them to. They have raised me to work hard for the extras I want, to remain humble, and to create an optimistic life approach. I'm thankful to have them supporting me throughout each step in life. 

What are your hobbies? I love any adventurous activity, but one of my passions besides dancing is snowboarding. I take any chance I get to spend the day in the Rocky Mountains, riding through the powder. I also enjoy spending quality time with friends any chance I get. 

One person you would like to have dinner with and why? It would be Will doubt there wouldn't be a dull moment throughout each meal course. I would love to sit and be entertained by his hilarious character. He is an outstanding talent, and I'm always down to watch his many classic comics.

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