Denver vs. Boston game preview

By #37 Jordan Hendry |  7/3/11 12:00 AM

Denver vs. Boston game preview

Oulaws nation, a quick word on a couple of our guys. I am interested in writing more on our team and will have more information out in a couple of days, but lets use this as a start.

Having a positive attitude into game day is incredibly crucial to any team or organizations success; the guys on you 2011 Denver Outlaws squad really create an amazing environment due to their lighthearted, driven personalities.

#88 Conner Martin plays the piano better than anyone I have ever met. Not only can this man rip open Long Island for five goals, but he can absolutely shred the ivory sticks (piano keys).

#6 Brian Langtry has a five-year old that can catch and throw from twenty yards on the run. Coach Slate has a six-year old that can do the same. These guys are awesome father figures for more than just their children.

Brett Schmidt is awesome and is continuing a legacy of Maryland defenseman on the Outlaws. Lee Zink and general manager Brian Reese are two other notable Outlaws that defended the Terrapins.

Brendan Mundorf and Peet Poillon have to be the funnest players to watch. Mundorf's zodiak sign is the Leo. This guy is definitely king of the jungle right meow.

Max Siebald thinks he is slow. I think a 4.46 40-yard-dash is pretty quick.

Eric Martin was fined for enforcing a code of ethics that both hockey and lacrosse follow...protect your goalie.

Jesse Schwartzman has to have the best outlet passes in lacrosse, ever. Funnest goalie to play in front of; most epic field general voice.

Steve Holmes, Drew Westervelt, Billy McGlone, Ryan McFadyen, Mundorf and Siebald are all teammates on the NLL's Phillidelphia Wings. This is the oldest indoor lacrosse franchise and Coach Slate orchistrates their defense.

Nate Watkins is playing in his 10th MLL season. He has found home in Colorado as well.

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