Outlaws Posse Scavenger Hunt

3/24/11 12:00 AM

Outlaws Posse Scavenger Hunt

Do you bleed black and orange? Would you consider yourself one of the most loyal Denver Outlaws fans there is? If this sounds like you then, prove it! Take part in our campaign to show everyone in Denver that the Outlaws are coming and there is no stopping the best fans in the MLL. On March 26th attend the Colorado Mammoth game in your most festive Outlaws gear and colors to support your team and for a chance to win some prizes!

Participants Must Complete At Least 3 of the Following Objectives:

•Take a pic with Wooly in your Outlaws gear
•Find another decked out Outlaws fan and take a pic with him/her
•Get a picture with one of the Mammoth players at the post game autograph session
•Take a pic of yourself in front of a Mammoth sign in the arena
•Make a sign showing how big of an Outlaws fan you are and post a pic of it
•Take a picture of yourself with an usher
•Sport your gear with the Wild Bunch dancers and take a picture with them
•Get on the Jumbotron showing off your orange and black and snap a picture of it

Everyone who wants to participate will need to meet at the TUACA Chill Zone between the 3rd and the 4th quarter and take a picture with as big of an Outlaws posse as possible. You will need to be in pictures with other fans at the Chill Zone to be eligible for prizes.

Post your pictures to the Denver Outlaws Facebook page.

The more outrageous and enthusiastic the pictures, the better and the more likely you will be to win prizes!

Prizes for the Best, Most Spirited Fan:
• 4 tickets to the Outlaws home opener
• A player meet and greet after the home opener with the whole team
• 4 replica jerseys and lanyards

Anyone who completes these objectives receives an Outlaws lanyard and sticker!

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