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Twitter Tuesday- Jeremy Boltus

March 18, 2016
Welcome to a new feature on Twitter Tuesday! What better way to get to know your Outlaws by taking a insider's look into their Twitter accounts! We'll ask the hard hitting questions you've always wanted to know about your favorite Oultaws Tweeters. If you have a question you'd like to know about an Outlaw's Twitter, tweet us @DenverOutlaws and we'll try to feature your question on the next Twitter Tuesday.


Jeremy Boltus

#6, Attack

Tweets: 1,084

Follows: 368

Followers: 984

Q: How did you come up with your Twitter handle?

A: There isn't too much special regarding my twitter handle, just my first initial and last name followed by my number that I have wore ever since 8th grade.  Since Brendan Mundorf  ( @bmuney2) has been rocking #2 for a while in Denver now, I was debating whether to change my handle from 2 to 6 but figured I have gone this far, no need to change.

Q: Why did you choose the photo you did for your profile picture?

A: I chose my profile picture because its a lacrosse picture, but also has one of my good friends and teammates in it as well, Adam Fullterton ( @AFullsLax).  Two good things, cant go wrong with the choice.

Q: How often do you check Twitter? How often do you Tweet?

A: I check twitter quite a bit throughout the day.  Mainly when I am bored in the office or need a little break from work, I can get away a little bit by reading all the different personalities I follow, and what they have to offer each day.  I don't really tweet a lot unless there is a huge sporting event that everyone will be talking about and watching or the occasional movie quote.

Q: What hashtags do you frequently use?

A:  I don't really have many hashtags I use all the time, just whatever is fitting for that particular tweet or event people are talking about.  I try to make hashtags as funny or clever as possible.

Q: What do you mainly use Twitter for?

A:  I use Twitter mainly for breaking news updates in anything.  I am a huge sports fan, so I constantly monitor what is going on in the Wide World of Sports, but it also provides a quicker and more concise way of telling the world breaking news stories.  People always knock twitter for another means of social media, but I think it is a very informative tool.

Q: How/do you use Twitter to promote your brand or businesses?

A: I don't use Twitter to promote my brand or business because I am working for one of the biggest and well-known organizations in all of the world, the United States Army.  I am pretty sure most people know or have an idea of what the US Army is so I feel there is no need to promote further.

Q: Which of your teammates has the best tweets and why?

A:  I think that Matt Bocklet ( @Bocko7) has some great tweets just because I can relate to them more now that I am living out here in Colorado and know what all the places are that he tweets about.  Do not want to sell Eric Martin ( @GoldenStateLax) short either because this man will tweet anything and everything that is on his mind.  Another reason why Twitter is so great, it allows you to speak your mind and also allows anyone to comment or reply on what you have to say.  Cough Cough ( @khartzell81).

Q: What are some of the MLL players you follow?

A:  Since this is my 3rd team in my first 3 years in the league, I follow a bunch of players in the MLL.  Have to say I follow all the guys that I played with on Hamilton and Charlotte my first two years, and looking forward to the tweets and follows this upcoming season with the Outlaws.

Q: Someone who you wouldn’t think I follow is:

A:  A bunch of the WWE superstars like John Cena, The Rock, CM Punk, etc.  And yes, I have my DVR set every Monday for WWE Monday Night Raw, best running Monday show on cable for years now!

Q: Whose tweets can’t you miss?

A:  As I stated earlier, I am a huge sports fan so I follow almost all of the ESPN anchors and personalities because they each bring a different opinion and argument to any sports topic, so I enjoy reading what they have to say each morning and how the nation reacts to their comments. Colin Cowherd ( @ESPN_Colin) has the best radio show in the morning and always has intelligent information to share with the audience. 

Q: I wish ________________ was on Twitter because:

A: My dog Rudy.  I always wanted to know what goes through a dog's mind and since Twitter allows you to tweet anything and everything about your day, seeing a dog's point of view would be pretty interesting.

Q: Who do you wish followed you on Twitter?

A:  I wish anyone with a verified account followed me on twitter, would really increase my street credit if someone who is verified retweets or favorites what you have to say. 

Q: Anything else you want fans to know about your Twitter?

A: I will not tweet about my every hour, every day, daily routine.  No one cares what you are eating for breakfast or how busy you may or may not be.