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Q & A with Terrell Davis

March 18, 2016
After his 2002 retirement, Former Denver Bronco Running Back and all-time leading rusher, Terrell Davis, fills his time with his son, family, community outreach, and a new barbeque line.

Tomorrow you will be taking the ceremonial first shot at the Denver Outlaws game. Have you ever been to a Major League Lacrosse game? 

No, it will be the first time.

Have you ever played lacrosse before?

No, I’ve never played before.

Are you nervous to take the ceremonial shot on goal at the game?

No, I don’t think so. I shouldn’t be. I think I would be more nervous throwing a baseball, than doing this. 

Why would you be more nervous about pitching at a baseball game?

Well because most people throw the first pitch, the president does it—I saw John Wall do one the other day and it was awful.  With baseball, I don’t know if they expect you to have ever thrown a baseball more so than to do this. This is something that the expectation shouldn’t be there for me to score the goal. I have never played it before so there is no pressure there, but with baseball I played when I was little and it’s familiar to me.  The pressure to throw a baseball I think is a little greater because they expect you to be able to throw a baseball. It could be the way I rationalize it.  It makes me calmer.  But maybe when I walk out there and crowd is screaming and I have to do it, maybe my nerves will go through the roof, I don’t know.  But right now I am pretty calm.

What charities does your new barbeque sauce, Mile High Salute Barbeque, benefit?

Right now, we are teaming up with the Food Bank of the Rockies. It was our first partner in this. The reason I went with them, is that it made sense in that we are a food product. You wouldn’t think there are a lot of people out there who really don’t have food security right now and it is such a basic need and necessity of life. So, we thought that we would partner with the Food Bank of the Rockies. They have a great foundation and they do a lot of great work. We are teaming up with them first, but that is just one of many of foundations that I would imagine that we will work with as we go forth. We can only do one at this time but as we go forward we will be lining up more foundations.

What was your inspiration to create a barbecue sauce?

Well, I wanted a product that was fun, and something that was kind of a social product. When I thought of barbeque sauce, it just made a lot of sense. No matter where I go, I am a huge barbeque fan. When we party, we barbeque. Every time we finish a round of golf, we tend to go back to my house and have some more barbeque. Anytime during football season at the tailgates there are people barbequing. What I liked about the idea of having a barbeque sauce was that it is everywhere. Even though it snows in Denver in the winter time, it’s still pretty much a year-round food. I know the main season is after Labor Day and even more Memorial Day but I think it is year-round. We had a good product, and most Americans use barbeque in one capacity or another. We thought that every day when someone was buying our sauce they were, at the same time, giving back. I really took to that component and feature of it. And, I love barbeque sauce.

I would bet that it was a fun process to develop.

Yeah, the best part is doing the taste testing. You eat a lot of barbeque, I can tell you that.