Danny Pietrafeso - Account Executive

Direct Line: 720-258-3606

Education: UNLV- I still love you Tark.

Where’s your hometown? Las Vegas, NV.

What do you like most about lacrosse? I love the fact that everyone in the MLL genuinely loves what they are doing. It is rare to find that in any pro sport these days.

Do you have a favorite lacrosse (or Outlaws) player? #29 Lee Zink, our crafty veteran.

What is your favorite book/magazine/newspaper/blog/etc.? Book: Toss up between “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers or “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller. Mag: Embarrassed to say it’s probably DWELL. Blog: Hermitology, a lifestyle and music blog by Riley Breckenridge- Drummer for Thrice.

What is your favorite food? Healthy stuff, like Santiago’s breakfast burrito’s for instance. I’m pretty sure all the major food groups are in there.

What is your favorite movie? The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou by Wes Anderson.

What’s one thing most people would not know about you? I played Professional Paintball, and was a traveling musician. Essentially I was a full time bum for a good portion of my youth.

Do you have any hidden talents? Contrary to popular belief, I’m actually incredibly funny.

What’s your ideal Saturday? Take my dog, Chexter, for a long walk around Cap Hill, go get some new tunes at Twist n Shout, hop across the way to Tattered Cover and then go watch the Outlaws bring home another W. 

Where in the world would you like to take a two-week-long, all-expense-paid vacation? I would like to go track down the rest of my family in Italy that I have not yet had a chance to meet. Definitely a bucket list trip.

Who is your all-time favorite athlete? Terrell Davis, biggest hall of fame snub to date.

Favorite sports teams? Denver Broncos, Denver Outlaws.

What celebrity would you most like to meet? Bill Murray circa Hunter S. Thompson and Groundhog Day

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